For our policies for refunds, exchanges, wrong inscription, cancellations, and delivery issues?
You will find them all listed on our page Disclaimers and Notices

  1. How far in advance do I need to order?
    As soon as possible but 48 hours at the very latest. We can sometimes accommodate last minute requests as we always have a few cakes on standby but your flavors and design options will obviously be very limited.

  2. How do I store my cakes and cupcakes?
    All cupcakes and cakes must be stored at room temperature in airtight tupperwares unless they are frosted with cream cheese icing (ex: Carrot and Hummingbird Cakes), in which case they must be refrigerated. Cheesecakes must also be refrigerated

  3. Do we make wedding cakes?
    Yes we do. Please refer to the “Weddings” section of the website for more details

  4. Do we deliver?
    Yes we do but for an additional charge. Please refer to the “Delivery” section of the website for more details on pricing and formalities.

  5. How long will my cupcakes and cakes stay fresh?
    If left at room temperature (for non-cream cheese desserts) and in airtight tupperwares, your desserts will keep for up to 2 to 3 days.

  6. Do we make vegan or low fat desserts?
    At the moment, we make Chocolate-Chocolate & Chocolate-Vanilla Cakes and Cupcakes, you must give them a try. As for low fat, we do not make low fat products for now.

  7. Do we make gluten-free desserts?
    At the moment, the only gluten free option we have is our very delicious Flourless Chocolate Torte.

  8. Which of your desserts contain nuts?
    Please refer to the menu in our “Menu” section of the website and you’ll notice an asterisk symbol (*) next to each dessert that contains nuts, and a double asterisk symbol (**) next to each dessert that contains Peanuts.

  9. Do you need to pre-order cupcakes?
    If ordering more than a dozen, then yes we require that you call to pre-order at least 48 Hours in advance.

  10. Can we customize our cookies?
    All our cookies come in one shape and cannot be customized with a print or piped on. However, our cupcakes are a great alternative in that they can be customized with a print, drawing or inscription. Please check them out in our online ordering system.

  11. Why do we frost our Red Velvet Cake with vanilla buttercream rather than cream cheese icing as it’s traditionally prepared?
    If we were to frost our Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese icing, you would be compelled to refrigerate it therefore drying out the actual cake. We have ascertained that frosting it instead with vanilla buttercream, which complements the cake just as well, means you can keep it at room temperature, therefore preserving the freshness of the cake and retaining its moisture.

  12. Do we cater?
    We cater in the sense that we are ready to accommodate any of your bigger events by way of our desserts and can obviously deliver them as well but don’t display or provide serving platters and such. We do rent a cupcake tower should you wish to display your cupcakes on it and that accommodates up to 4 dozen cupcakes.

  13. Do we make gender reveal cakes?
    Absolutely. Just drop off the doctor’s note and we’ll either color the cake layers blue or pink depending on the gender while frosting the exterior in a white vanilla buttercream or cream cheese frosting.

  14. Do our flavors change?
    Yes every season just about there will be a different cupcake flavor and different pie flavor. The layered cakes are pretty consistent year round.

  15. Do we bake it all on-site?
    Yes! The magic happens in our kitchen on Sugar Daddy’s Bakery premise, hence the delicious aroma you will inevitably smell upon entering.