How did it Start?

I always had a knack for baking and entrepreneurship, having sold brownies and cookies as a child to neighbors and friends in front of the local supermarket. Later, as a corporate professional working in Saudi Arabia, I continued my favorite pastime by baking for friends and family, and I always showed up to parties and homes with a new treat The joy of giving to other people something scrumptious and homemade stuck with me inspiring me to think bigger and dream larger. It had long been apparent that none of the existing dessert shops in the region were able to bake cakes and cookies which truly tasted home-made. I decided to address this unmet need by opening a bakery myself, and Sugar Daddy’s was born. I quit my career in the corporate world to embark on a new one and moved to New York City to attend the world-renowned Institute of Culinary Education. I later returned to our family’s home town of Amman. Jordan and with the help of my father and brother Ameen opened the very first Sugar Daddy’s Bakery on July 13th. 2007

Fadi Adnan Jaber

Founder – Sugar Daddy’s Bakery



Our Goal

Keen to make sure our treats have a home-baked feel, we not only use the freshest ingredients, but make everything from scratch. We refuse to use any cake mix or ready-made frostings because anything mass-produced lacks the love that home-style baking is known for Our desserts are decorated in that rudimentary fashion that only moms are known for and are thus approachable yet enticing.